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2020 Election

by Asha Mixon

On November 3rd, 2020, everyone in America was anticipating one of the biggest elections in United States history. The fate of America’s future was in the hands of baby boomers, legal teenagers, and everyone in-between as they ultimately decided who would become America’s next president. The election race was so close that we were all forced to pull out our hair over the course of four days as we awaited the official projection results.

On Saturday, November 7th, 2020, it was announced that Joe Biden had in fact been declared the official elected president of the United States. A sigh of relief brushed across America as many became comforted by the fact that the current president would no longer have any power over them once he leaves office. This election has been acclaimed as a historic event as more citizens have participated in voting than any other election in the United States history and the first female vice president has been elected. Not only is she female, but she is also a Black-Indian female.

Now, to some that may not appear to be a big deal, but it is significant in many factors including that the thought of this new reality used to be deemed as impossible and unachievable. This new normal serves a purpose. It shows young girls that there is a bigger picture in their lives they can strive to paint. And for young Black girls, that picture is a masterpiece.

Although the win of the newly elected president and vice president is being celebrated as many of the American people are now relieved, there is still work to be done. Because of what America has gone through at the hands of the current president throughout the last four years, it is now time to set the standard: all leaders in power must be held accountable and take responsibility for all of the decisions they make and actions they take on behalf of the American people. As a democracy, they must be for the people because they were made by the people.

So, for the next four years, let us watch our leaders every step of the way so that they know we, as the American people, will be making sure they are doing everything in their power to better our country now and ensure it will continue to be better in the future.

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