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3 FREE Ways to Learn About Personal Finance

Mahlet W.

Being on a budget should not limit anyone from gaining the knowledge they need to lead a financially stable and abundant lifestyle. We’ve made it our mission (literally. Rise & Grind LLC strives to empower individuals by equipping them with financial literacy) to compile a short list of useful and free resources to guide you towards an abundant future.

1. E-books

If you want to read about money management from the experts but are not comfortable with investing your money in books and programs just yet, worry no more. Get an introduction on topics such as financing your mortgage, types of debt as well as various loan types, through electronic books. Since conforming to digital platforms many retailers offer great literature at the click of a button. You can find useful e-books on websites like Barnes & Noble, Kindle by Amazon (available on the App/Play Store) as well as Books on Google Play. For 25 more options, you can refer to Tom Corson-Knowles’ article titled 29 Best Websites to Download Free Ebooks.

2. Applications

Many people know that there are more productive ways to use their devices but are often unsure where to start. When there is an app for everything, you really can’t go wrong. On the topic of personal finance, there are various apps accessible to users such as Truebill and Simplifi which make it easier to track your money routine. In addition to organizing your bills and managing your savings these two apps grant you an opportunity to change non-beneficial money practices by suggesting tips custom to your lifestyle. With the extra money you may save, you can turn to MyWallSt, an app dedicated to providing future and current investors with the tools they need to make successful investments.

3. Podcasts

For anyone seeking insight into finance and how to manage personal finances, listening to podcasts is one of the best free and convenient investments you can make towards your future. Podcasts like Journey to Launch by Jamila Souffrant offer the listener an opportunity to gain important skills and habits. Hosts Rich Jones and Marcus Garrett offer the same with a focus on overcoming challenges, in their podcast Paychecks & Balances. Even with little time to spare, you can be sure to gain beneficial advice by tuning in to the podcasts above.

By using the free resources listed above, as well as those linked in this article, you can invest in yourself and live the financially abundant life you desire.

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