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3 Things You Must Know About Developing a Growth Mindset

Nicholas A.

A person’s mindset is their reality, plain and simple. Your thoughts control how you view yourself and others and create the world you live in. This means that your potential to grow is solely based on how you view yourself and changing your mindset could lead you to successes you have only dreamed of. In this blog post, I will explain three different changes you can make to grow as a person and in success.

The first form of growth mindset I will discuss today is that you need to acknowledge your weaknesses. It is perfectly fine to not be perfect, we all have shortcomings. A good knowledge of your weaknesses actually boosts your strengths. It also gives you the chance to overcome them and come out stronger as a whole.

The second I will discuss today is to stop seeking approval. Making approval the goal sacrifices your growth and learning and replaces it with a never-ending quest to feel validation from others. This stifles your growth as people have a tendency to look down on different and creative ideas. You may sacrifice your true potential for the much less appealing approval of peers.

Lastly, you need to place hard work and effort before natural talent. Think of the phrase “practice makes perfect” and apply that knowledge to growth. By continuously working on growing you will see the results much faster than relying on aptitude alone. Think of how Olympic level athletes get to that level, they are not just born that way. They train day in and day out refining their craft until they are one of the best athletes in the world. Why not apply that to your daily life or business, and see the results first hand.

There are many different aspects of growth and different strategies work better for different people. What matters is that you work on it every day and eventually you will see results. Growth mindset is about the “I”, what are you willing to do for your own personal growth?

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