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4 Great Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Jasmine S.

First thing’s first, go outside and get some SUNLIGHT! The sun can heal the mind ,body , and spirit. The sun forces you to experience bliss, joy, peace, and calmness. Benefits of sun gazing can increase energy, improve eyesight , release internal emotional blocks and just increase personal potential altogether . Reconnect with the earth and enjoy its beautiful life.

Next we must talk about exercising ! Get up and go move . Get your body going and that blood flowing! Exercising can improve your mood . Exercising can prevent that extra weight ! Exercising can also promote better sleep while decreasing the chances for health conditions and diseases . I beg you to release all of the extra stress and love yourself through movement !

Next we will talk about meditation. Take some time out of your day to simply take your mind off of everything . Focus on the present moment and try to find your peace of mind . Meditation can reduce stress, control anxiety, enhance self awareness , and increase creativity.

And lastly read a book ! Try reading something educational or exciting that will strengthen the mind and keep you interested . Reading books can build vocabulary , reduce stress , improve concentration , increase IQ , and most importantly teach individuals more about the world around them

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