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4 Tips to Reduce Anxiety in 2020

By Nicolette S.

The year 2020 has been a crazy year to say the least. Millions of people have lost their jobs and or loved ones, the political climate is at its peak and tragedy is striking left and right. It is normal to feel anxiety and stress, but it can lead us down a path of unproductivity and negativity.

Excessive stress and anxiety can cause health problems as well. According to the Mayo Clinic some of these symptoms include headaches, fatigue and muscle aches. Here are some tips to help minimize your stress, anxiety and symptoms.

1. Calming Aromas

Aromatherapy can be helpful to boost productivity and reduce stress. Lisa Evans of states that the sense of smell best helps influence the brain. Inhaling certain essential oils can trigger parts of the brain to react and cause changes in the body. The scent of lemon, lavender and jasmine are all known to have calming properties. These scents can also release tension and increase productivity.

2. Take a Social Media Break

Try your best to take breaks from social media. Sometimes social media can overwhelm us with negativity. We see horrible news stories and hate all day long by getting our information from social media. Try to stay on positive, uplifting and productive pages when on social media in order to minimize our exposure to depressing, anxiety creating posts. Searching on social media can also increase comparisons to other people which is an extremely unhealthy habit that most of us are guilty of, get rid of those anxious feelings by taking a social media break!

3. Take up a Hobby

Hobbies encourage taking a break from everyday life, but they are not wasteful because they have a purpose. They provide an outlet from stress and keep you present in the moment. Whether it is gardening, cooking, woodworking, or chess any hobby can provide a safe haven away from the craziness of everyday life. They can help declutter your mind and even help you find out more about yourself. If you practice and stay committed to a hobby it can become a confidence booster as well. Hobbies can also improve productivity in the workplace by encouraging creativity and time management!

4. Stick to a Healthy Routine

Lastly, create a routine and stick to it! Routines can help us cope with change, create healthy habits and reduces stress. We tend to stay calmer and have less anxiety when we know what to expect. A routine helps us stay organized and less scattered throughout your day. Also, adding in a healthy meal or light exercise into the routine can improve the results of reduced stress. When we feel overwhelmed a routine keeps us in check and grounds us back to normal as life gets crazy!

You are not alone, and everyone feels stress and anxiety, especially in 2020. Life can feel out of control but don’t forget to take a deep breath and remember “this too shall pass”!

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