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5 Reasons to Get Off of Your Phone Once in a While

Liz T.

The average person checks the smartphone approximately 150 times in 16 hours. It is essential to take a break once in a while. Here are 5 reasons how will it help you:

Going offline reduces stress

Having the phone always around you can increase your stress level because you will be waiting for something. Taking a break from social media, notifications, and emails can be useful from time to time and help you focus better. There has been evidence that spending an increased amount of time on your phone can lead to depression and other related health issues.

Better Sleep; Turning off your smartphone at Night limits radiation.

Every smartphone emits radiation even when you are not using it. It is recommended to keep radiation levels as low as possible a few hours before going to bed, so it is easier for you to fall asleep. It is crucial to turn your phone off or leave it in a different room from where you are sleeping.

To find value in yourself

Breaking away from your tweets, text messages, social media, emails will help you find value In yourself, not in your notifications. Instead of constantly be checking your phone, use that time to do more activities that help you improve yourself.

To reduce distractions

What do you think will be more productive? Two hours of uninterrupted time or three hours split up into six half-hour blocks throughout the day.

Each time we distract ourselves, we need to find the motivation all over again. This takes up valuable, creative time. So, turning off our phone or the notifications cuts down on the number of distractions and interruptions in our work period.

To strengthen your mind

It is amazing how much of our life references our mobile devices. For example, we use the calculator from our smart devices whenever we need to solve a math problem. Whenever we need to get directions, we pull out the map app. Whenever we need to be entertained, we pull up our social media apps, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, or the latest mobile game craze. Limiting your phone interactions strengthens your mind by forcing you to tackle daily problems yourself—math, directions, entertainment.

You can make significant changes by starting with tiny habits. This is why I encourage you to get off your phone more often and start improving yourself. You can take the time you are off your phone to be more productive, stay more focused, and less tired and stressed.

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