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A Few Cost Free Ways to Help Others!

Jasmine A.

In this lifetime, we often forget the gift of giving and simply showing our generosity to others. Is it that we feel restricted by spending our own money? Do our “supply and demand” values take away from how important it is to genuinely want to help others? It is tough knowing that we are living in a crisis, but I am here to tell you a few cost free ways to give back to other individuals while enjoying the fruits of life!

  1. Make a few deliveries to those in need

This pandemic has affected many individuals in a way that keeps them stagnant and closed indoors. Some individuals are simply just too elderly and their immune systems wont allow any outside activities. It is unfortunate, but if you have the extra time or hands, consider doing a grocery run for someone who would benefit. Just leave it on their step and wear gloves when handling their bags.

  1. Save materials and home goods

Would you agree that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” ? Simply saving anything inside of your home that you no longer use can be very beneficial for the next individual. Some good examples would be toys, old electronics, clothing/shoes, books/DVDs, and anything else you can think of that you no longer need. Clean out that attic or closet full of junk for the next charitable donation. You won’t regret it !

  1. Teach your expertise and skill sets to someone else

It is important to use your niche and God given abilities to share them with someone else. Your talents and gifts are for giving, and will ultimately bring the best out of the next person. Spread your light by teaching things such as math, photography, dance, and any other skills to benefit the next person. Your knowledge can go a long way if you apply it in a positive way! Consider volunteering at your local church or community center. Make a difference.

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