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Become a Plant Parent

by Asha Mixon

Plants are the most essential component of the earth’s ecosystem; they allow us and other organisms to intake the oxygen and food they produce. Without plants, much of earth (including us) would not be here today. Although plants can be found practically anywhere outside of the concrete jungles we humans live in, it is important and beneficial for us to house a few in our living and working spaces.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from having plants in your home and workspace:

● Fresh oxygen

● Promotion of productivity and focus

● Great for decoration

● They help get rid of any toxins in the air of the space

● Keeping plants contributes to the environment!

Many people have not had access or the ability to garden or house plants of their own as it can be expensive and a difficult/time-consuming hobby. But, there are various beginner plants that are great for first-time plant parents!

Here a few low-maintenance beginner plants:

● Spider Plant

● Succulent

● Bamboo

● Cacti

● Snake Plant

Many of these plants (and more) are cost-effective and require very little attention and care. Being a plant parent is not only beneficial to your mind, body, and soul, but it is also fun! As the plant continues to blossom and grow, so do you.

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