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Dealing With Stress

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Karen C.

Over the past year many of us have dealt with dreadful situations, loss of family or friends,

unemployment, worldwide pandemic, the change to remote, and so much more. These

situations have brought so much stress to us in different ways. It's completely understandable

why we have been more nervous, anxious, and stressed, we as a community have had our lives

take a 180-degree spin. However, we shouldn’t just look at the dark and despairing side of this

situation, we should take back control. The first step to do that is to find ways to deal with stress.

One easy thing to do is get away from social media, although we can’t ignore what's going on in

the world we can limit how much we are exposed to and how much it affects us. Also, making a

schedule can help, this is a good strategy for people working remotely to block out distractions

at home. Overall, this can help everyone procrastinate less and get work done on time and to

one's best ability. Creating a morning and night routine can give us assurance and stability in

our lives. These routines should include eating healthy, exercising, and self-care. Self-care can

be a skin routine, taking a nap, or anything relaxing to you. For the night routine, something you should keep in mind is when all electronics are put away and when you sleep. To decrease the amount of stress you have, getting a full 8 hours of sleep is incredibly important. So depending on when you wake up you should arrange your routine to it. A helpful tip to keep in mind is, to get better sleep you should put away electronics 30 minutes before you sleep. If you need something to do to help you fall asleep earlier you can read a book and exercising during the day helps you fall asleep faster at night.

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