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Diversity in the Workplace:

By Srabon Nath

Diversity in the workplace refers to the practice of having people of different

backgrounds, beliefs, and identities in the same workplace. This practice is very beneficial to

both the success and the community of a business.

Hiring people of varied genders, races, cultures, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, cultures, ages, etc. can cause people to feel more comfortable and respected. No one feels left out of the community of the workplace and there can be more positive relationships forming. Plus, when employees see that their identity is represented within their company, they

are much more likely to be happy and productive.

Having a diverse group of people working together can also increase output. When

you combine different ideas, you have more perspective on a problem and you are more likely to

solve that problem. When you have a group of people that have the same ideas and background,

they are less likely to have innovations. A more diverse team means more creative and diverse

ideas. Also having diverse people working for a company sheds a positive light on that company.

First of all, more people are going to want to work for that company, once they see the

company’s inclusion. This means that you are able to access more employees with more skills

and talent. Also when people see that they are being represented in the workplace, the number of

customers that your company has will also increase.

Overall, having a diverse workplace can improve the bond between employees, the bond

between the company and its employees, and the bond between the company and its customers.

Plus, according to credible data, more diversity tends to lead to more profit for a company.

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