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Enough is Enough

Dee W.

Today is January 10th, 2021 and racism is alive and well. The aesthetics may be different, but the

underlying theme is still the same. There is a huge population of people who wants to put people

of color in their place for no other reason than the color on our skins. In 2020 we began to protest

against the unjust killing of black people in America. It has become known as Black Lives

Matter or BLM for short. If left unprovoked it would have been a peaceful affair. But it wasn’t

and law enforcements was summoned in multiple cities across the country and they came as if

they were ready for war. The police used tear gas, rubber pellets the size of some people fists,

and excessive unnecessary force. Many people who were out fighting for racial justice was

battered and abused for no clear reason except racism. This turned what was supposed to be a

peaceful protest into a destructive riot. But what does that have to do with now?

On January 6th, 2021 our nation’s capital was stormed and raided like a scene in a pirate movie.

The rioters gathered in support of Trumps false claims that the 2020 election had been "stolen"from him. Soon after that is when mayhem broke out and the began to put the capital building under siege. To an ignorant observer their protest is no different than BLM. This just isn’t the case because when BLM tried to unite our country in the name of equality theirs was trying to

destroy it in the name of hate. Their hatred for people of color goes so deep that they are willing

to abuse anybody and anything just to get what they want all in the name of America. This in

itself wouldn’t be so bad if law enforcement gave the same energy as they did to BLM. That

didn’t happen and within minutes they were storming the offices of high political authorities. No

tear gas or rubber pellets in sight. Hell forget that stuff we needed a full riot squad and that was

nowhere to be found. These terrorists were allowed to storm a federal building trashing it,

writing profanity and slurs, all while taking pictures in excitement. There was no push back by

law enforcement in any manner especially compared to BLM. So, what was the difference? Easy

one was for people of color and one was against. I would say it was a dark day in our nation but

if we are being honest there are way more of these than the other. I personally liked the show

because it is just raising more awareness to that racism hidden between the lines of this country.

We are entering a time where you are either on the side of racial equality or not. No more

straggling the fence or playing the middle. In the words of the great Angela Davis “In a racist

society it is not enough to be non-racist. We must be anti-racist.”

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