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Growing Your Own Garden

By Srabon Nath

Now that summer is coming, you have to figure out what to do with all your free time.

Many people dedicate more of their time to some hobbies and others pick up new hobbies. A

great way to spend your summer is to grow your own garden. Whether it is growing flowers or

vegetables, gardens are a great way to get exercise and fresh air, learn a new skill, and also enjoy the fruits of your labor.

But how does one get started with a garden? Some people are endowed with better

backyards than others. Larger backyards and ones that are well positioned with better soil

obviously produce a much better garden than other backyards. However, it is best to first pick the

areas of your backyard where you want to grow certain plants/flowers. Then make a plan of how

much gardening soil you need and what type (most times it is best to buy all-purpose soil).

Depending on how healthy your current soil is, you might need more or less gardening soil. (You

might also want to invest in other fertilizers and composts).

If this is your first time gardening, you might also want to buy some tools. Make a list of all the gardening tools that are required. Then, you want to figure out how many seeds you need and what kinds. You might also consider buying transplants for the plants that are more difficult to grow. A good place to buy all your gardening supplies is Home Depot, where you can find tools, soil, and seeds/transplants.

Starting your own garden takes a lot of effort and time. When you acquire the supplies,

you want to start making your garden bed. You have to clear away all the vegetation and weed

from the soil. Also, make sure to remove all debris and stones/pebbles. Spread your gardening

soil and compost on the soil. When planting your seeds, make sure to spread them out and also

plant them with care. Make sure to water your garden regularly and maintain it.

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