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Healthy Living

By Jazsmine Hill

Does your doctor encourage you to work out regularly and tell you to balance a healthy diet? Good, because a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone. Some of the benefits of healthy living are feeling better mentally, emotionally, and physically, saving money, and having fewer health problems.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to have healthy habits that improve your health. When you can identify your unhealthy habits, you can replace them with healthier ones such as:

  • Being physically active

  • Eating healthy foods and balancing meals

  • Getting adequate rest and managing stress

  • Staying positive

  • Good hygiene habits

To develop these healthy habits, it is key that you start slowly by choosing one habit at a time. Making slight changes can have a long-term effect and makes it easier for it to become a habit. You can organize your daily activities and monitor your progress by creating things like checklists. It is a wonderful way to see what you plan to accomplish and build your confidence when you can cross your goals off your list. Another effective way to monitor your progress is journaling because it allows you to reflect on your life in a holistic way.

So how do we choose healthy habits? Well, first you want to choose things that you enjoy. For instance, if your job requires you to sit in an office chair, increasing your physical activity level is a healthy choice to living a healthier life. To get yourself in the habit of working out, find what works for you, for example, do you like to jog on a treadmill, or would you enjoy hiking instead? No matter which routes you take, make sure it is something that you can do day after day.

A factor that may help you to maintain your healthy lifestyle is the support from others. Having a social support system may allow you to find it easier to commit to those changes and habits. There are also support groups or organizations you can join where you can interact in person or online. What is also useful are apps which help you set goals and send you reminders as well as daily affirmations. Bottom line, to have a healthy lifestyle comes from you wanting it because you are the only person who can make it happen. It is a mindset within itself, and you must put in the work to see results.

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