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Hiring the Right People for your New Company

By Srabon Nath

If you’re a new entrepreneur and your business or company is slowly growing, you might

probably face the issue of having to hire people to manage work. However, being a new

entrepreneur, you most likely have no idea how to determine if an employee is a right choice

or not.

Being a new company, you want trustworthy people to be working for you. Therefore,

their personality is just as important as their skills. Obviously, you want to hire someone who is

capable. So even before you interview them make sure to go through their resume, do

background checks, and check any references if they have any. However, finding skilled people

isn’t hard. Finding the right person for the job is.

Asking straightforward and cliche interview questions is not the best idea. You should

come up with creative questions that really show the person’s way of thinking and ability to

come up with an answer quickly. You should also present the person with hypothetical scenarios

or problems that they might face in the job and ask them what they might do. Ask about their

input on a problem your business is facing right now. While most of the time their answers

wouldn’t solve the problem, it is a way to gauge their problem-solving skills.

Pay attention to whether the potential employee demonstrates interest. This is especially

important. Does the person really want to have this job and did they care enough to research

the business before coming to the interview? This usually shows whether the employee

will put in their best effort once they are hired. See whether the employee asks questions about

the company and whether they elaborate on the answers to your questions.

Finally, one thing that is really important and not taken into consideration by people, is

seeing whether the rest of your employees want to work with this person. This is especially

important in a smaller and newer company. It is also easier to find out about in a smaller

company. If you think the candidate might be a good choice, have him work with your current

employees for a while. Ask them about their input and whether the person would be a good

addition to the business. This is important because if the candidate turns out not to be the best

team player, it will greatly damage the work ethics of other employees as well.

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