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How do you work under pressure?

By: S. Spells

In both their personal and professional lives, pressure is something that everyone must contend with. Tight deadlines, requests from your boss, problems with staff performance, and other challenges that prevent you from doing your duties are common examples of how this pressure shows up in the workplace. I know it can be hard but here are 10 ways to get you started on taking some of the pressure off you.

  1. Start Predicting and Planning for Crunch Times

  2. Create A Prioritization Strategy

  3. Forget The Future, Focus on the Present

  4. Break Your Tasks Down

  5. Ask Yourself What Needs to Be Done Right Now

  6. Stop Procrastinating

  7. Take Contrary Action with Purposeful Slacking

  8. Change How You Think About Pressure

  9. Try The Eisenhower Model

  10. Make It a Fun Challenge

Since stress cannot be completely avoided, it's critical to develop good coping mechanisms. By doing this, you'll not only endure difficult circumstances but also prosper regardless of them. Stay optimistic while being honest. It's okay if you have trouble under pressure. When under pressure, you have more chances to show off your abilities or best self.

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