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How to Find a Job

By Srabon Nath

Finding a job, especially their first job, is extremely difficult for most people. However,

there are many ways to make this process easier.

One of the most important things to do is to network with other people. Without doing

this, getting a job is almost impossible. Networking means building connections with other

people involved in the field (or any field) that you are interested in. Making connections with

people that have high statuses in a company is even better. Networking helps in that it gives you

insider information. The more connections you have, the more well-informed you are about

different openings and places to apply. In some lucky cases, there might be someone in your

network who is able to recommend you to their boss, thus getting you a job very quickly.

You also have to spend a lot of time looking for a job, either in person or through the internet. Different job search engines like, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn are great ways to filter out different job options. Make sure to keep a well-updated resume. This is because whenever you find a potential job, you need to be able to immediately show your resume and contact them. Other ways of looking for a job include going to a job fair. There, employers/recruiters give out information about a specific position that is open. Also if there is a company you really want to work in, make sure to keep up with that company’s news in case there is an open position (networking comes in handy here as well, since someone can tell you about an upcoming job opening). Cold calling is also a viable option. While this isn’t as effective as other strategies, it can prove to be useful too. Contact different companies/individuals via either phone or email about any positions in their company. Make sure to give them a copy of your resume too, especially if your resume is impressive. If you are in a more drastic situation, you might even pay recruiters and certain companies to look for a job. These companies/recruiters might have more sources of information than you and might be able to guarantee you a job quicker. Keep in mind that this solution will cost you a good amount of


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