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How to Market Yourself

By Srabon Nath

While many people really don’t care about building a presence, being able to market

yourselves is a key ability in many careers. Being able to make your reputation known results in

more opportunities, clients, and job offers.

To build your own brand, you have to figure out what your brand is. You might already

have a career choice, but that isn’t enough. Say that you are a graphic designer. However,

marketing yourself as just a graphic designer is not the best idea since there are countless other

graphic designers. You want to narrow down your niche (a specialized segment of the market)

so that the services you offer aren’t that easy to come by. So going along with the example of

being a graphic designer, you could perhaps narrow down your market to a graphic designer

who does brand designing for small businesses. By narrowing down your niche, you now have a

clear marketing idea. You can focus on a more specific message that you want to convey to

your clients.

A lot of the world operates through the internet and the same goes for marketing

yourself. If you want to market yourself a great step to take is to make your own website. You

don’t need to be especially tech-savvy to do this either. There are many platforms online that

allow you to make your own website. The purpose of your website is to highlight your abilities

and what you are trying to achieve.

One of the best ways to establish your presence is to build a community of supporters

and people who are interested in your services. Educating others and spreading knowledge

about what you are good at will often get many people to become invested in your activities.

Write extensively and create your own blogs about your area of expertise. For example if you

are a web developer, writing articles and sharing advice on how to develop websites will get

more like-minded people to know you. You can even create a newsletter that sends information

to people daily.

Social media might get a bad rep, but it can prove to be your greatest ally. Getting a

large amount of followers will also build your community. Spending some time on your social

media accounts (it is recommended to keep one for your professional needs) is essential to

slowly gaining followers.

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