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How to Stop Getting Stressed before Interviews

by Mizuha K.

Stress. We hate it. It comes from job interviews, tests, performances, everything. We all feel it and cope with it in different ways. I get the feeling where it feels like I'm lightheaded and have a fever. But today, I'm here to help you come up with ways to make it better. Maybe some of these strategies may seem pointless but I hope you'll find one that works for you by the end of this blog. So let's get started...

Preparing for the Worst Outcome

If you're like me and your brain goes in 100 different ways, this is one way to calm your nerves. Before your interview run through all the different scenarios that could happen. Think about the worst question they could ask and then come up with an answer. That way, you'll feel the reassurance that you've done everything you could to prepare for the real deal. 

Write Out Everything You Want to Say on Paper

If you tends to rant on and on and just talk in a circle, this is the technique for you. It's similar to studying for a test. All you need to do is memorize everything on that paper until you can recite it all. Then you fit that information you want to say into questions so that way, you'll know word for word what to say during the real interview and you'll be able to cover everything you want to!

Call Someone Who Cares About You

The best way to calm your nerves is by talking to someone who will motivate you and be your personal hypeman. Especially in times like these, you need someone who will tell you you're good enough and no matter what happens, you did everything you could to try to obtain that goal! A friend will help you by giving you a pep talk and saying positive things that will translate to your attitude during the interview. The Power of MusicMusic helps calms us down because it takes our minds off of things.  If I listen to songs that are popular on TikTok and start jamming out, I'll forget everything and it'll instantly put me in a better mood. This is because music has the ability to take us to our happy, stress-free place. Listening to your favorite song before a big interview might be the best way to forget about everything that starts to mess with your head.  Giving Yourself a Reward

During an interview, all I think about is how I can't wait for it to be over so I can go relax and not have to think about it. So, by rewarding yourself, you can think about how you have something to look forward to when it's all over. Plus, your head doesn't have to be in a hundred different places. You can just focus on the questions being asked and the fun event planned for after. 

There is no such thing as not feeling stressed or nervous, but these methods are likely to lower the stress and nerve level you feel. Even though not all five strategies may work for you, I hope you find one that fits perfectly for you!

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