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How To Travel On A Budget ✈️

By Jade H.

When people are often asked what they enjoy doing, a very popular answer is traveling. However, the people who often give this answer typically are the ones who travel the least but definitely enjoy it for what it is when they do get the chance. The two main reasons people don’t travel as often as they would like are for two reasons: time and money. Whether people have committed careers with little free time, kids, or simply just can’t afford it. Traveling is not a cheap hobby. Maybe you can get away to a couple of escapes within the state just a few short hours of a drive away but let’s face it, we all want to go bigger and better.

Now, I can’t tell you about how to free up your time, that part is on you to figure out. However, I can give you a few short tips on how to be budget efficient when looking for a special vacation for you and your significant other, a kids get away or just some you time. These tips are also for you if you’re having a mid or quarter life crisis and you just quit your job, sold all your assets and want to backpack the globe with all of your money you coined together.

So let’s jump right into it. I’m a college student and I wouldn’t be a good one if I didn’t find every single way possible to nickel and dime me a few trips here and there. I’m also an avid festival goer and yes I mean the festival you’re thinking about, the ones with all the lights, super loud music and people who dress without a care in the world type of festivals. These aren’t cheap by any means starting from tickets to hotels to basic survival skills of partying for 2-5 days straight…no seriously 😭. So let’s open our notebooks to secret cheapism but making it look like we’re bougie 101.

Balling On A Budget Tips

Expedia, Hotwire, Orbitz: they are your friends. Use them to your heart's desire. They allow you to search for just flights, flight and a hotel, just a hotel, or flight+hotel+rental car. All at a discount.

Airbnb: Now I know some people are very iffy on this but never fear Airbnb has GREAT accommodations rented out by owners of the property from hostels, entire apartment or house rental. You can also filter by needs such as if you wanted a pool or a washer and dryer on the premises with easy access. They also offer a section for excursions on wherever it is you’re located at discounted rates. My sole advice is to always look at the reviews, they are your friends as well and people definitely have no issue voicing their experiences.

Groupon: Groupon is one that I frequent a lot. I’ve gotten many discounted massages (that we’re absolutely amazing by the way), I went skydiving for half the price that it usually is and a high quality blanket of my dogs face that I really didn’t need but the price was right and he loves it. They have a section specifically titled “Getaways” and they have everything from discounted hotel room rates to all inclusive flight included trips to various different countries at prices I never thought I’d see. Keep in mind that the price listed is usually for the shortest stay, typical 3 days. It will go higher if you decide to stay for longer.

Turo: This site is specifically for renting cars. Basically just like Airbnb except people rent their cars out for a daily rate that is typically cheaper than usual car rental services. The cars go from average to luxury and you have the option of SUVs as well depending on if anyone has one in your location. Just apply with your drivers license information to be approved and you can start renting away. Also keep in mind that they do offer insurance coverage or you can use your own if it extends to other vehicles.

Airfordable & FlightLayaway: These two website are each catered to financing airfare. They are legitimate but be careful and try to stick with your scheduled flight if you can because changing the airfare makes things a little trickier to adjust than if you were paying directly to the airline itself. Another slight downfall is that they do have interest on the flights so you’ll be paying slightly more than what the flight actually cost. So if you really want this trip and you're desperate enough to make it happen, then go for either of these two options.

Save Spending Money Well Before You Leave: I think this is an obvious one friends. After you’ve gotten your stay and flight together and you’ve made a plan for what you’ll be doing on your trip. Save up well in advance so you have a decent amount of spending/emergency money for when you’re away. Never go broke (I’ve done it. Don’t recommend) because things happen. Have spend budget and have an few hundred tucked away in the extra savings account on top of your savings account.


Those are all of the top tips of travel budgeting. To finish off this blog here are some honorable mention tips that are up there with the top tips but for the sake of the length of this blog I’ll mention them here: book your flight ahead of time for cheaper prices, don’t spend all of your money on food, be aware while you’re packing because most airlines do charge extra for overweight bags, look into the local public transport.

Now that I’ve given you all of these tips, you’re ready to soar into the world of budget traveling and have the same amount if not all the more fun as you would if you paid full price. Happy Travels ☺️.

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