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Lets Understand Each Others Difficulties

Karen C.

In this generation mental health has been a more talked about subject, which in itself is

so helpful to anyone who has been battling with mental health disorders. In the past

when someone seemed depressed or in any way mentally challenged, whether it be

ADHD or anxiety, they were immediately labeled as weak. Of course, that's not the case

and with time and studies we have been understanding mental health better. Gen-Z

influencers have been more open about their personal experiences with mental health

disorders, this has helped so many others not feel alone and it showed their audience

that it's okay not to feel happy all the time. As a teen in America I have dealt with

anxiety not only from school but from knowing everything that has been happening in

the world and the potential issues. There are many ways to deal with these disorders

like going to therapy, leaving social media, talking to someone trusted, etc. In many

schools teachers are also now recognizing mental health disorders and are now helping

them and/or teaching it to their students. People recognizing mental health disorders

and how difficult it can be to live with has created such an improvement in this society.

Mental health disorders are much more common that most realize, almost every family

that lives in America knows someone who has a mental health disorder. As time goes

on let's hope that mental health becomes an open subject and people don’t feel alone

when dealing with it.

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