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Made For You CLT

Dee W.

If you are an event planner or just have a love of sweets, there is growing business

in the Charlotte area. It is a black owned bakery by the name of Made For You

CLT and it is simply amazing.

Made For You CLT is owned and operated by a Johnson & Wales graduate, and

her name is Da’Maria Hodges. Da’Maria has two degrees from Johnson & Wales

with one being in Baking and the other in Food Service Management. What

separates this from other bakeries in Charlotte? Everything she bakes is made

completely from scratch and ranges on the affordable end of pricing for baked goods.

Believe me I have went out and researched. She also can bake vegan, gluten free,

and any other products with dietary restrictions. The business itself doesn’t have a

main location because she works out of her house from now. Don’t let that detour

you though because she be getting down in that kitchen. She is fully certified and

follows all food safety guidelines at all times. I would think of her as a private

baker that is available to everybody. Ask around to anybody that has ordered, and

they will tell you there is no equal. If you need a cake for a birthday, sweets for a

wedding reception, or homemade holiday desserts, she is your baker

I am choosing to spotlight this business because it is not only owned and operated

by a strong woman but because it is completely black owned and operated. Made

For You CLT is the true definition of black excellence. She has donated money to

local black organizations and is currently helping feed the homeless around

Charlotte. Most companies are all talk when they say they want to support the

black community, but she is really about it. If all this isn’t enough to get you

interested, she also has a small support group that can cater your events. So, if you

are planning an event you can contact her from made from scratch desserts and a

catered meal all at a competitive price. I might sound biased and truthfully, I might

be, but I promise you if given a chance you will not ever go anywhere else. If you

want to contact her Instagram is @madeforyouclt, email her at, or call directly at (336)558-5632.

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