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Saving Money in the Pandemic

by Jade H.

As we all have seen, this pandemic has been taking a huge financial toll on the economy, those working and those who aren’t. Although my money income isn’t great, I’ve said so much money since lockdown began those few months ago.

I wasn’t exactly the biggest money saver but I also wasn’t a wild spender. I just liked to live and go out. Since the pandemic closed almost everything in its first waking moments, I was forced to stop going out. This meant, no more spending money at the bar on drinks, $20 cover charge if I didn’t make it there before 12, local shows and the 3 festivals I would’ve attended this summer if they hadn’t been canceled. It’s bittersweet because those are the things I look forward to most during the year but I can’t lie that I’m probably saving a little bit over $1,000 by not going because each ticket runs about $300+, then food, travel and accommodations.

Now that things are opening up again, nothing like what I was doing before has so I’m still able to save way more money than I originally was. Not just in aspects of activities but also with things like food and gas. Pretty early on I got sick of eating out so now I cook most of my meals, I don’t have to drive to work as often or anywhere at all really so I save a lot more gas than usual pre covid.

I know not everyone will have the same luxuries as me as some of us have rent, kids and other financial responsibilities but I believe everyone can save, even if you save for only a month and then you have to spend it. The point is that you were able to do it in the first place.

I never thought that I would be able to save as much as I have because I always save with a purpose to spend it. Now I don’t really have a choice but to just save but I know when the time comes and things slowly start to get back to normal, I’ll be able to spend with more confidence that I didn’t have before. So to leave this off, I’ll share a few things that I cut down own during the pandemic:

● Shopping (this was hard)

● Canceling some subscriptions

● Getting my hair done often

● Eating out

● Reducing credit card payments if they offered pandemic assistance.

Those are just a few but do whatever works for you, your life and your budget. Happy savings!

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