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Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Nicholas A.

Social Media is a great tool for forging connections and building your business. By sifting through vast social networks, you can find your niche and ultimately find a way to make money off of it. In this blog I will explain just how great of a tool social media is for building businesses.

Social media, especially Instagram and Facebook are wonderful platforms to market your brand. Also, it does not matter if you are just starting up, or you already have a bit of money for marketing. For beginners I would recommend looking into the Facebook creator studio and also influencer marketing, while for the more seasoned business owners I would look more into Facebook advertisements.

Now, as I said for beginners Facebook creator studio and influencer marketing can be used to create marketing strategies to bring your online business of the ground. Creator Studio, which is available to all businesses on any Facebook platform (i.e. Facebook and Instagram) to manage and schedule posts and view insights of your posts. Though this you can get all the data you need to optimize your conversion rate of clicks to sales.

With influencer marketing you can use other accounts with larger followings to advertise for you, and the best part about it, is it can be absolutely free for you. To do this, you need to contact a couple influencers, preferably smaller if you do not want to spend money and offer them a in store promo code. Tell them that if they reach x amount of sales, they can get an in-store discount or a free item. This way you will have a relatively low-cost form of marketing so you can focus your money on other things.

Finally, with Facebook ads, you get the opportunity to reach a wide targeted audience to potentially turn to consumers. Now this does cost money and might not be the best option for newcomers, this option may offer the greatest returns. As many of you know Facebook collects data from its users and stores it in their databases. Now this data mined is crucial to making Facebook ads work as they will target your ads at people who would be most likely to buy them, increasing your chances at acquiring new customers.

Social Media is a great tool for building your business. You can use this medium of communication to successfully advertise and find ways to make more money. It is a tool that can be used by everyone to connect with potential clients.

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