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Spread some LOVE!

Jasmine S.

We are all experiencing a weird time in our lives and many are truly suffering from the pandemic. Don’t forget to spread a little love today . Send acts of kindness . Think of the person beside you . Create your own good karma by giving back to someone else .

There are so many benefits that come with spreading love . “Peaceful Soul” wrote a great article on the specific benefits and why we should spread love and I want to share all 15 ! (Source:

1. Lowers stress levels

2. Enhances well-being levels

3. Releases positive hormones such as dopamine enhancing physical and mental wellbeing

4. Creates a better world – If everyone spread love the world would be an amazing place to live

5. Helps others mental and physical wellbeing

6. You reap what you sow – spreading love will bring love back to you

7. Creates a positive environment meaning positive things will happen to you

8. Attracts others to you

9. Helps the environment

10. Generally makes us feel good

11. Counteracts Hate

12. Lowers blood pressure

13. Helps people who are on a healing journey

14. Lets go of prejudices and grudges

15. Shows strength and unity

I am a firm believer that God is love and with God, anything is possible. Just imagine what we can achieve if we all spread love. Spread love today! Someone needs your hug, your smile, your care. Be an agent of change and inspiration in someone else's life.

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