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The Importance of Authenticity

Jasmine S.

God has given you everything you need and this means that we should appreciate the things that are within us. Many times our authenticity reveals what is really for us or what is actually not for us! I often think of people who have changed the world by simply being themselves, a lot of whom have been rejected by the social norm. Oprah Winfrey was rejected by Hollywood and fired by her news reporting job simply because they felt she was "unfit for television news" and couldn’t sever her emotions from her stories. Micheal Jordan wasn't good enough for his high school team yet he still argued to be the greatest of all time.

There is a sense of happiness and satisfaction when you are truly living out your own values and ideas. You are liable to burn yourself out trying to create a fake image of yourself. You must be aware of the person you want to be, while also having the confidence to control everything that goes on in your mind. The journey towards authenticity starts with some level of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

There is a reason why there are many thoughts and ideas running through your head and it is important to understand why they are there. Authenticity correlates to your personal truth, and your personal truths definitely have their own purposes . Not only do our ideas have their own purposes but we as individuals have our own purposes . Being genuine allows us to not only create beneficial opportunities for ourselves but it helps us build connections and relationships with others. There is no use for misrepresentation or phoniness only because it brings confusion and misunderstanding. While it is important to recognize your talents and abilities it is also important to stay true to who you are!

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