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The Importance of Self Care

Jasmine S.

Self-care is noted to be a conscious act one takes in order to promote their own physical, mental, and emotional health. Are you taking care of yourself ?

This pandemic has caused us to pay more attention to our daily routines while also forcing us to stay inside. A lot of times we may prioritize everything else before prioritizing what is truly important. Many days we get caught up in our busy lives, but taking care of yourself will increase the chance of living the best life possible. When you pay attention to your mind, you are able to control certain thoughts and protect yourself from negativity . When you workout consistently, you are able to release toxins and keep yourself healthy as you remain active. When you feed your body the proper nutrients , you feel more energized and more upbeat . There is a very strong connection between our bodies and our minds.

Do things that can contribute to living a healthier lifestyle , one day at a time . Take that bike ride, read that new book , go sun-gaze , or lastly just take some time to meditate. Try to think about which areas of your life need more attention and self-care. As time progresses you will find out more areas will need more attention than others .

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