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The Masters 2021

Dee W.

Years ago, people use to turn to sports to escape the problems of the real world. But in the world we live in now there is no escaping real world issues. In the year 2021 we have exposed plenty of tension and hate towards Asian people. This isn’t just people from Asia but born and raised Asian-American citizens. If you look online you will see plenty of Asian people attacked, harassed, and abused by random people for no good reason. These atrocities have contributed the start of the “Stop Asian Hate” movement going on as we speak. Of course, like every cry for equality this nation face there are others pushing back. You may ask what in god’s green earth does this have to do with The Masters Tournament? Since its inception in 1934 there has been 54 different winners not including this year. There have been some iconic names to have won the tournament from Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, just to name a few. But with all those names none of them were of Asian born. Not until this year when Hideki Matsuyma won it all becoming the first Asian born professional golfer to do so. He led from start to finish with one of the most impressive performances in history. Whether you think it was luck or just a mere coincidence it happened, right in the middle of the Stop Asian Hate movement. This doesn’t just change the world overnight, but it is stuff like this inspires change. This feels the common people with hope that things can and will get better. I do not know exactly know how this moment will be looked at in history, but I am pretty certain it will be a looked at the catalyst for something big. Who knows? We just got to wait and see and give all our respect to Mr. Matsuyma.

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