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Top-Five Chrome Extensions

By Mimi K.

With the pandemic we are all experiencing right now, I thought it would be perfect to show you some chrome extensions I personally use to maximize productivity and to manage my time well on a day-to-day basis. These extensions are so nice because they help you concentrate and limit the distractions on your screen.

1. Focus to do: Pomodoro timer & to do list

This extension uses the Pomodoro method by offering a 25 minute timer so you can focus. It also offers a reminder tool, a calendar to write down your events, and a task management tool. This extension has everything you need to be able to focus which is why I use it every day! The Pomodoro method is scientifically proven to help with your concentration because it’s only 25 minutes of working and then taking a short break making your productivity as efficient as it can be. Check it out!

2. Forest: stay focused, be present This one works like a game. When do you want to focus, you plant a tree. While you are working, the tree will grow, but if you go on a “blacklist” site the tree will die. You can make any website to be on your blacklist from social media to gaming. The objective is to grow a forest and see how much you concentrated that day! I like the extension because it also gives me statistics on my concentration level and I can share my forest with my friends to see how my productivity compares to theirs. 3. Picture in picture extension (by Google) This extension will minimize any video that is playing in the background so you can work on something else while still watching it. I find videos to be time consuming because I can only focus on that and if there are long. If I don’t see the image on my computer screen, I forget there’s audio playing so this extension is great to multitask or take notes. It’s a very simple extension but I find it useful! 4. Voice and voice typing When you are tired of typing, this extension is the perfect way to maximize your productivity. It allows you to talk into a microphone instead of having to type. I use this when I am writing an email or making blogs since I’d rather speak then type. It also offers language pronunciation so if you’re learning a new language and want to practice speaking this works! 5. Block site - website blocker for chrome If you’re like me and you get annoyed at ads showing on newspaper articles or YouTube videos this extension is perfect for you. It will boost your focus and improve your productivity by blocking any distracting ads. In this extension, there’s also a work mode which offers the Pomodoro technique timer. You can also schedule when you can access certain sites. The numerous features make this extension a must!

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