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United We Stand

BlackoutTuesday, July 7th, protest across the world regardless of the color of your skin, equals races being united with the black race against police brutality. The world had enough of this bull crap.

Generation Z seen this disgusting issue since they were 7 years old. Imagine explaining to your child why this country is divided by race. Do they truly understand? Most of them do because they have experienced it at a young age. I asked 1 child age 8 being they go to a predominately white school how are they treated. They explained the teachers try to stop it but the kids still call me names. I asked what do you do and they said I talk trash back. Kids are going to be kids but certain negative behaviors are taught from someone.

Is the situation with racism different than police brutality? Yes racism and police brutality are different situations but it still involves the common denominator, race. When you see a group of citizens protesting something on the news, marching in a group, holding signs, and chanting slogans, you know they are in solidarity with each other, or united behind a common goal or purpose. Any time you express support of a group or the people in it, you're showing solidarity with them. Solidarity is what we all need during this world pandemic. It's now or never.

God's love is going to outshine any acts of evil any day or time. His love never fails!

Until next time #ICantBreath with all of this HATRED! #everyonedeservesanopportunity

“To understand God’s love is to mirror it in the midst of a world full of hatred”
― Sunday Adelaja
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