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Volunteering in Your Community

By Srabon Nath

During the summer, students usually find themselves with a strange amount of free time

that they don’t know how to spend. I know that after school was over, I was taken aback by

how many responsibilities I didn’t have anymore. So what is a good way to make the most of

your summer? Besides traveling, doing summer programs, and/or prepping for the next year, one

way to utilize all your time is by volunteering.

Volunteering may just seem like cleaning up the park or helping out at a soup kitchen,

and while it can be doing those things, volunteering can also be a fun and productive experience.

One way that you can make volunteering fit into your interests is by doing something

where you help others using your skills. For example, I am quite interested in computer science

and I have some experience with coding in general. That’s why, if I was to volunteer, I would

pick something where I have to employ my coding skills. This could be something like teaching

others how to code. Spreading your knowledge to kids is a great way to not only solidify your

knowledge but also make a difference in the younger generation. Plus, using your skills more

will unlock opportunities for you later on.

Another way to make your volunteering experience catered to you is by doing something

that has been a big part of your life already. For instance, many people go to an institution where

they partake in religious activities. So if going to a church, mosque, or temple is something that

you enjoy, volunteering there will certainly be an enjoyable experience. Similarly, if there are

parts of your culture that you really enjoy, you can volunteer at cultural events. Another example

would be helping others using something that you have been doing your whole life. If you have

played a certain instrument for a long time, you can perhaps use your musical talent to perform at

a nursery.

Finally, take action on issues that you notice throughout your community and are

passionate about changing. If you have noticed anything in your neighborhood that bothers you

and you want to improve or alter, then by all means, you should either organize an effort to

change it or join an existing volunteering program.

If you want to do something productive with your time, volunteering during the summer

is a great way to do that. Plus, as many high school students are stressed about college,

volunteering is something that you can use later on for your college application.

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