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Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer:

By Srabon Nath

School is coming to an end for many people in the USA and often people don’t spend

their three months of vacation well. How do you make the most of summer and what

SHOULDN’T you do?

The point of summer vacation is to relax and your first priority is to do this. Make sure

to not get swamped with extra work to the point where you are even more stressed. However,

relaxing doesn’t always mean staying home all day and not doing any physical activities. Going

outside, hanging out with friends, and playing sports are all something you can do. Relaxing can

also mean going to different places other than your neighborhood. This can be somewhere

relatively close like your grandparents’ house or somewhere very far like another country.

Vacations are important because they help you take your mind off your daily worries and


However, you shouldn’t just spend your summer vacation doing nothing. Using all the

time that these three months bring you can learn something new and increase your existing skill

sets. This can be like learning a new instrument or taking a new language. Some people even go

as far as to study ahead for the next school year. While studying isn’t how you should spend your

time, it is advised to use all the time at your hands to gain knowledge.

Finally, you can spend more vacation getting involved. This can be as simple as getting a

job at a fast food place. Bringing in some extra money is always helpful and can get you

introduced to the idea of saving money at a young age. But if you already have some interests

that you want to pursue and explore later in college, you can get involved with some programs or

internships. These are harder to find and require a lot of time researching, making applications,

and sending emails. Internships don’t usually pay the intern, and it's mostly for the later

experience. It can be greatly beneficial for high-schoolers who are trying to put something on

their college application. Summer programs are also impressive and great ways to expand your

horizons in a certain field. While normal summer programs are helpful, summer programs at

notable institutions and colleges are even better.

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