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What did WE (Blacks) do that was so wrong?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Do you remember as a child if you did something wrong you were placed on punishment or time out whatever you decide to call it? You knew exactly why or you was told exactly what you did wrong and here is the consequence to your actions. What are the consequences in being BLACK in America? Death? We have seen for several years, individuals in America have been executed, mistreated, or disregarded Blacks. It does not matter if we are male or female but we notice that we are treated differently than the White race.

I believe in human beings, and that all human beings should be respected as such, regardless of their color.
Malcolm X

Can you count how many lives have been taken because of a forceful act from police? It's too many to count. 25 + the list continues to grow. Your (police) job is to PROTECT and SERVE not KILL and DESTROY! Police brutality is not acceptable. People who feel they are in authority ( citizens arrest, playing victim, etc.) they are playing chiefs and in real life they are little indians, they too need to stay in their lane. Who the hell gave you authority to rule over us and abuse your power? Wait ohhhh you are intimated by our STRENGTH, our POWER, our KNOWLEDGE as a race. We are not the ones who stand up and feel inferior or entitled to others. Well at least not until you pushed us into a corner and we have to come out fighting. Fight as if we are the rats that are cornered getting ready to be killed. For those who comply with authority, they are treated like little rag dolls or road kill why? WHY? It is a shame that WE have to teach our kids what it means to be Black in America. My kids know the drill on what to do if they ever get pulled over or harassed by the police. It has been rehearsed since they were little kids.

We (Black Race) have black fathers, sons, nephews, cousins, etc. It is upsetting they unwilling wear a target on their backs for target practice. The world is so divided when it comes to race. Why? As Nelson Mandela said we were not born to hate each other because of the colour of skin, background, or religion. What is the reason on why there is such a division with the color of our skin? Why? What did we do to you? Did something happen in your childhood? Is there something in your past on why you have so much hatred towards the Black race? The only time that many of us seen unity was when Covid-19 came through like a hornets nest. It engulfed the whole world. Even though we are still in the midst of this pandemic, racism finds the time to make itself relevant.

This blog does not pertain to all police officers or all White people but there are a lot of them that hate us. Oh so you ask me now Who do I think I am to discuss or ask these questions? I am a Black woman living in America. I am a MOBS - mother of black sons. I am the WOBH - wife of a black husband. I am the DOBF - daughter of a black father. I am the SOBB - sister of a black brother. I am the aunt and great aunt of black nephews. Every last one of them deserves an opportunity to just live in America without being bothered because they are black or brown. I have to go now because #ICantBreathe from dealing with all of this HATRED........ #everyonedeservesanopportunity ......PERIODT!!!!!!!!!

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