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Why Confidence is Key

Nicholas A.

Something I learned in the last year is how much of a difference confidence makes in your life. Your attitude, or how you view yourself can make all of the difference in whether you get the job or not, or if you overachieve at a position. Affirm yourself, believe in yourself, and see how much your life improves.

I will start by telling you all my journey. I am a college student in my senior year, and because of the covid-19 pandemic I had to find a new job like many other people, and I was finding this process particularly difficult. I had many interviews over a couple month period that just did not go my way and I was at a loss.

I could not understand why I was not getting a job so I decided to reflect on how I interview. I found out through this reflection is that I was lacking confidence in my interviews. I knew I was qualified for the position, I just had trouble with the whole interview process. So I made one change and I have gotten every job I have interviewed for since, and that is where the confidence comes in.

When I interview now, I talk as if I already got the job I am applying for. I study a bit beforehand and use that knowledge to make myself stand out as a candidate. Confidence in yourself can get you a lot further than you may think right now.

Granted, confidence is not everything when you are applying for a job, and there are times where it might not be enough to get the job. However, it can be the key to give you the edge over other potential candidates. Having confidence will push you further than you ever expected.

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