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Why You Should Be Using Clubhouse

Dee W.

There has been a buzz about a new social media app released in 2020 called clubhouse recently. I will explain to you what it is and why you should start using it. Before I start, I should explain what the app is. Clubhouse is a new social media app made for the sole purpose of casual conversation. Imagine it like a chat room but not the type you text but the type you actually chat. Clubhouse firsts ask you about your interests and suggest rooms and friends based off them. You can join any room available and start chatting. There are more specific rooms users can create that allows certain people to talk while others must hit a button and call in. If they acknowledge you then they will let you speak to the not only them but the rest of the listeners. As for the social media aspect you have a profile you can customize with a profile picture and bio. You can add friends through contacts and by adding users you liked in chatrooms. There are also groups called “clubs” you can join which will have other users who have joined. You join these clubs because they share a specific interest and whenever they hold a meeting you will be notified to join. This is the basics more or less and with that out of the way I will detail why you should use it.

Like mentioned before clubhouse is a great way to chat with people of similar interest. It is great for casual conversation about anything from your favorite tv show to meals you like to cook. If you’re into anime like me but don’t know too many others to discuss what you watched with this is the place. I love watching anime, but I find it hard to make friends who also like it because it isn’t like there is just a café for us. But with this app there are special rooms to meet others just like me. This doesn’t just apple to anime as you can be into sports, podcasts, history, writing, and the list goes on. Because of the pandemic that happened this a great way to meet people without having to see each other. But there is another aspect starting to take shape which is professional networking. This app is making it easier for professionals and up and comers to chat like never before. I follow many social media marketing clubs and listen in too many related rooms. It is amazing to chat with an industry professional about what I can start doing or do better. Likewise, there are many celebrities on the app which people can engage with. Imagine joining a room and being able to chat with people like Oprah, Drake, Tiffany Haddish, Chris Rock, and many others. This app is making things possible that probably wouldn’t have happened beforehand. Whether you’re just a casual, student, entrepreneur, you can always benefit from exposure and rubbing shoulders with others. All this done with little to no effort and you don’t even have to leave your house!

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18 mars 2021

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