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Working Out

By Srabon Nath

Most people want to get ripped during the summer and they want to do it fast. Plus, with

the new Planet Fitness Summer Pass (where high school students can go to the gym for free),

many teenagers have set off to become the next Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, one disappointing thing that most people should realize is that going to the gym

isn’t going to magically give you huge muscles. Getting fit is a long journey that requires

consistency and also patience. Not seeing immediate results doesn’t mean it isn’t working. That

being said, it’s very important that you keep safe at the gym and not do anything that would

prove harmful to your health.

Getting fit also depends on the person themselves. Factors such as the person’s original physique, the person’s schedule (how many workouts someone can fit into their schedule), and their metabolism can greatly affect their progress. However, finding a plan that fits you is very

important. One of the most essential things to improving your progress is recording down your workouts, your diet, and also tracking where you are at. While many think that the only thing needed to get fit is the gym, this idea is incredibly wrong. Most of your fitness will be achieved through what you eat. Your diet is important and should consist of things that fit your goals. For example, if you are trying to bulk up and gain weight, a lot of proteins and also a moderate amount of calories are needed in your diet. Otherwise, your body wouldn’t have anything to rebuild itself after a workout. How much protein you need again depends on your original physique. But, if you are trying to lose weight, while you still need to intake protein, the most essential thing is that you need to have a calorie deficit. No matter how much cardio you do, you aren’t going to see changes if you don’t monitor your calorie intake.

Once you get your diet under control, the gym can speed up and enhance your progress.

If you are a beginner, safety is very important. The first few times you go to the gym, make sure

you start off very light and figure out what your limit is. Record that down and work to slowly

increase your limit. A lot of the technical aspects of the gym, such as what muscle groups to train

and what type of training is the best, should be researched before you go to the gym. Other than

that, going with another person and training with them is important because not only are you

more motivated, but there is someone to spot you. Achieving all your fitness goals takes a long time and most of the time your goals are constantly changing. To make sure you get the most out of your training, make sure you have a plan and eat/sleep properly to recover.

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