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Exceeding Higher than Normal Expectations

There’s just no better way to share what we do and how we do it than to let our students tell you in their own words. Have a look below at some of the students reviews of our amazing internship program.

Intern Feedback

Since starting my internship at Rise & Grind in April, I’ve grown a new outlook on life and career building. Prior to my time at the company, I've had many misconceptions of the two, the biggest being that there aren't any enjoyable careers and that you can only have one when you’re an adult. I was heavily mistaken. From the research I’ve conducted for the various instagram infographics and posts I’ve created, I found that there are enjoyable careers out there, and that entrepreneurship and stock-trading are great alternatives if you want to be self-sufficient and/or build passive income. Ms. Baker and Dee Wilson greatly assisted in my growth as a person and as an employee as well. The words “boss” or “supervisor” are usually negatively connotated for most people, but that wasn't the case for the two. They are very kind and understanding people who see their employees as not just such, but as friends too. They really care about everyone, and always check-up to make sure we're doing alright and that we’re comfortable. They taught me important skills like communication and punctuality, and though I’m still working on the two, the lessons I’ve learned and experiences I’ve had at the company will definitely show in my performance at future jobs and careers I will have later on in life. Rise N Grind is such important work, and I am honored to have been a part of such a welcoming and empowering community for the past few months.

Venessa M.

I see the opportunity to be able to work with Rise & Grind as a part of my growth, as a part of who I am today. I was able to have real-life work experience. I was also able to see what it is like for people who need to work with a schedule of their own, when they are not given one. It is indeed true that as we grow up, we start to become more independent without realizing it, and the feeling of being babysat by others is gradually subsided. I became more aware of the person I was before this experience and the person I am now and thriving to change for the better.  Hence, I would like to take a minute to appreciate Rise & Grind, LLC for giving such valuable and important lessons to all the youths who will be starting to work and face the reality in the near future. Thank you, sincerely.

Tanha K.

Having been in Rise and Grind has taught me so much from how to manage my time to finance tips. Not only has Rise and Grind helped my education increase on finances but it also has given me job experience. Being an intern helped me grow as a person because during this internship I tried my best to be reliable, and give my best work. Rise and Grind had taught me skills that will forever stay with me in the future and help me become a good future college and co-worker.

Karen C.

Rise N Grind has helped me tremendously in pursuing a career in digital marketing. During my time at Rise N Grind, I was acquired many important marketing skills such as writing effective blogposts, social media marketing, designing and writing copy, as well as creating strategies and schedules for content upload. If you want to seek a career in digital marketing, Rise N Grind is the place to start as you are guaranteed to learn a lot here.

Minh H.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

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