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 Rise & Grind!

Everyone deserves an opportunity!

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Who We Are


Rise & Grind, LLC. was founded September 2018 in Charlotte, NC based on motivation, integrity, professionalism, hard work and trust, values that never waiver. Real life experiences have developed a lot of generations for either success or failure. Professional development and financial resources are typically not taught in school which is why Rise & Grind was created to assist current and early generations to be successful in these areas.  We are a one stop shop that will provide instruction pertaining to financial literacy & wealth, entrepreneurship and career & personal development. We are the premier educational business, the source of pride and innovation, and the cornerstone of emerging economic opportunities producing a twenty-first century well rounded citizen.

Rise & Grind, LLC believe in empowering individuals that are seeking to build or enhance financial education, career & personal development and being an innovative entrepreneur. Once that is obtained you will begin to develop strong professional patterns and gain financial resources. Our goal is to inspire personally, career and financial independence by showing you multiple resources that are in the palm of your hand. We also want to uplift and provide an additional opportunity to everyone including those who need a chance to clean up their mistakes. Life greatest lessons are usually learned after the biggest mistake that was made in life. 

We take great pride in providing a high level of personalized service to create a luxury experience for all clients (generation z on up), one that you will genuinely appreciate. 


Our Core Competencies Include

Direct, Inform, Embrace

Design, Deploy & Scale

Advocate, Research & Fund


Mission Statement

Rise & Grind, LLC believe in empowering individuals with the knowledge, skills and values they need to be successful with financial literacy & wealth, entrepreneurship and personal & career development.

Our Vision

We believe everyone deserves an opportunity!

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Community Involvement

Rise & Grind recognize that getting involved in the community will
help be a source of strength between economic classes.

A Global Wide Movement

Whether it is through coaching, mentoring, education, scholarships, internships, career development, mobilizing volunteers, or raising up financial educated generations, we are witnessing an unprecedented gap of economic inequality in the communities in which we live and work. We are committed to doing the unthinkable things to enhance teaching and learning by tailoring the course content to each individuals needs.

This Global Movement is committed in being diverse. Our agenda is to demonstrate how we can empower and elevate each other. If we are successful in growing exponentially (as we know it is possible), Rise & Grind will become an enduring and essential group of generations standing in to stimulate others in a time where the expected status quo is a divided society.


Chimere was determined to achieve the most out of life even if it meant leaving her family behind. She has always been in the corporate world even at a young age of 16 in which she was enrolled into a work study program during high school. She has worked 12 + years for multiple financial firms. Throughout her journey, she discovered what it means to be a leader and an effective leader, the struggle of when to raise her hand or to keep minding her business, the craft of an entrepreneur starting a brand new business or being overlooked for a position.

She realized that she is not the only one that have succumbed to this headache. With the networking skills she acquired from her parents, she attracted others who experience the same numbness. This positioned her to provide a solution for her coequals or others. Her career has taken the traditional route however she want to encourage others that its ok to go outside of the box to excel and no one’s path is going to be straight and narrow.


Chimere received education from the following: 1. University of Maryland University College in Business Administration and Criminal Justice. 2. Community College of Allegheny College in Business Management 3. Paradigm 360 in Certificate Career & Life Coach. She has worked for Fortune 500 Companies such as
PNC Financial Services Group, Comcast Corporation, and Wells
Fargo & Company. Outside of enjoying business, she loves to travel, grown fond of caring for plants, spend time with her family, and to have a good time!

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