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What we do!

We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of classes fitting all skill levels and mediums. We provide access to core classes, insight, and resources that help all generations perform, understand, and challenge themselves.

We help our clients:
-> enhance their education
-> grow at their own pace
-> better traverse their personal and professional life
-> maximize their global and generational impact

Are you curious about all that we offer? Each bullet is a separate course under each title. Learn more about each class below, click the course description under our approach and get in touch today with any questions. 


Chimere was determined to achieve the most out of life even if it meant facing challenges along the way. She has been in the corporate world since the age of 16 in which she was enrolled into a work study program during high school. She has worked 12 + years for multiple financial firms. Throughout her journey, she's discovered what it means to be an effective leader, the struggle of when to raise her hand or to keep minding her business, and the craft of an entrepreneur starting a brand new business or being overlooked for a position.

She realized that she is not the only one that have succumbed to this headache. With the networking skills she acquired from her parents, she attracted others who experience the same numbness. This positioned her to provide a solution. Despite her career has taken the traditional route, she encourages others to take risks. She believes in the importance of thinking outside of the box to excel, understanding that no two paths are the same.


Chimere pursued higher education from the University of Maryland University College in Business Administration and Criminal Justice, the Community College of Allegheny College in Business Management and Paradigm 360 in Certificate Career & Life Coach. She has worked for Fortune 500 Companies such as PNC Financial Services Group, Comcast Corporation, and Wells
Fargo & Company. Outside of enjoying business, she loves to travel, grown fond of caring for plants, spend time with her family, and have a good time!

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 Our Approach - View Our Core Competencies

Why Choose Us: Why Choose Us
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Administrative Skills

  • How to be a Great Assistant

  • Business Protocol and Etiquette

  • First Impressions - The Receptionist

  • Develop Effective Surveys & Questionnaires

  • Effective Meetings

  • Plan a Master Event

  • Dress For Success

  • Managing Your Manager

Communication Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Excellent Customer Services

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed Customer Service (2 day)

  • Dealing With Difficult People & Workforce

  • Communicating with Tact & Professionalism

  • Skillful Listening

  • Email Etiquette

  • Emotional Intelligence (2 day)

  • Crucial Conversations (2 day)

  • How to Communicate & Collaborate on a Team

  • Terrific Telephone Skills

Diversity Inclusion & Discrimination (DID)

  • Promoting Respect in the Workplace

  • Working in a Multi-Cultural Workplace

  • Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Generational Blending in the Workforce

  • Sexual Harassment Training for Employees

  • Sexual Harassment Training for Management

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Financial Education

  • Balancing Credits vs Debits

  • Budget Planner & Sheet

  • Budget Calendar

  • Credit Repair and Rebuilding

  • Credit 101

  • Debt Management

  • Stocks 101

  • First Time Home Buying 

  • Kids Credit

  • Business Credit

Time Management 

  • Stress Management

  • Goal-Setting

  • Delegation

  • Managing Multiple Priorities

  • Multiple Projects & Tight Deadlines

Leadership Skills

  • Team Building & Coaching

  • Leading When Not in Charge

  • Effective Teams

  • Accountability

  • Developing Your Employees

  • Mentor Match


  • Development of an entrepreneur into entrepreneurship 

Community Outreach 

  • We can provide presentations and lead community outreach events .

Classes are tailored to meet the needs of you or your organization. Everything from length (half-day, full-day, multi-day), content, focus, audience competency level (executive, supervisor, staff, students), and desired outcomes can be customized by our instructional designers. To customize a training session, contact us.

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