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Meet Our Innovatorpreneurs

What is a Innovatorpreneur?

A Innovatorpreneur is a creative individual that will not let anything get in the way of being an entrepreneur. They will introduce either new methods, ideas or products within their own business. We understand that at times this can be challenging but that is why they will be mentored, coached throughout the process. In return to giving back , we strongly urge them to pay it forward and do it for the next person. Our Innovatorpreneurs are the face of the next generation.

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This is Jade who is 23 years old and attend Southern New Hampshire University. She is from Washington, D.C. born and raised but reside in Maryland as of now. She currently studying communications in media but also is exploring other options. Outside of school work or working her day job you can typically find her nose deep in a book on Wattpad, crocheting a random scarf or blanket, spontaneously road tripping with friends or finding some new hobby to spend an unnecessary amount of money on, like buying an iPad just to learn how to do digital art. She loves to travel and flying on a plane but it’s not just about the plane, it’s about the places they take you and all of the different landscapes, history and cultures. Her future plans are to study abroad or do a 30 day tour around Europe to see incredible places and meet incredible people.

Student Support Services

Services provided by the program include:

  • Exposure to academic programs and cultural events

  • Financial education and career development coaching

  • Information on post secondary education opportunities

  • Tutorial Services

  • Mentoring programs

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