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3 Top Qualities a CEO Should Possess

by Nicolette S.

Most people dream of becoming a CEO and being their own boss instead of being an employee for the rest of their lives. But to become a CEO you must have the strength and grit to manage other people and make hard decisions. Constantly being faced with new dilemmas and decisions you must be hardworking and determined. Other than those simple characteristics, here are some attributes of CEO’s that help them succeed.

1. Adaptability

As a CEO you are constantly faced with new challenges and you need to be able to adapt quickly. Being adaptable includes good teamwork, organizational and problem-solving skills. Strong teamwork skills are essential to adapting to different personalities and problems that can arise from working with others. When faced with a problem being able to work with others to find a solution contributes to adaptability as well. Organizational skills can help you keep a clear mind when a change presents itself and be better prepared to adapt. Problem-solving skills are also important to adaptability, you must be able to analyze and successfully choose a solution to new challenges every day. To improve adaptability skills, learn to acknowledge and accept change.

2. Charisma

By definition charisma is the ability to attract and influence others. This plays a large role in the persuasion of others. Persuasion is important as a CEO because your employees and collogues need to be able to trust you and be 100% on board with your vision in order to receive the results you strive for. Some attributes to being charismatic include, confidence, passion, and optimism. Speaking with assertiveness also can improve your ability to persuade others. The confidence that comes with charisma is helpful in establishing your position as a leader. Furthermore, being charismatic is necessary to communicate effectively to other businesses in order to enhance revenues, exposure and connections.

3. Reliability

As a CEO many people will count on you, so it is important that you follow through with your obligation as a leader and be reliable. Having reliability means being trustworthy and consistent. According to CNBC reliable CEO’s are 15 times more likely to be high-performing and double their odds of getting hired. It is important to deliver consistent results in order for people to trust you and know that tasks will get done under your leadership. Having trust is also crucial for innovation and commitment within the company. Being reliable also includes setting realistic goals and having personal accountability, having these attributes set you up for success.

I believe these three qualities are some of the most important qualities that a CEO should possess. Adaptability, charisma, and reliability are essential for running a successful company. They ensure that employees will trust you and want to stick around for a long time to see the company grow. Charisma can improve persuasion within your company and with other businesses as well. Adaptability will help when problems arise and improve the decision-making process. Finally, reliability establishes commitment and trust. Start working on these qualities now to be a triumphant CEO in the future!

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