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A Simple Guide to Consistency

By Mahlet W.

Whether your goal is to save money, invest or start a business, consistency is key. It is no secret that practice makes perfect. However, when to practice and how often to do so maybe harder to discover without trial and error. Luckily, this article will equip you with the simple, starting knowledge you need to practice more consistency.

If you have yet to write down your goals, I suggest you do so. If you have big goals, break them down into smaller steps. The first few may be steps you need to take to begin your goals followed by actions you plan to implement for the long term. For example, if your goal is to save money you may list “get a budget planner” and “check savings account” to begin with, then follow up with “eat out only once a week” or “save every 5 dollars.” After doing so, schedule a time to review these goals as often as you choose to. This will allow you to reflect on which consistency schedule/techniques will work for you.

Considering the previous example, if you got a budget planner , (Rise & Grind LLC offers a budget planner on our site!) did not use it, but did a great job saving every 5 dollars, you may want to seek sources that help you plan ahead and often. You can begin with this article, this book and this podcast. If you did the opposite, you may want to view sources that help you make the first step and take action. Some great sources include this article, this book and this podcast.

Having a written account of your desires may seem daunting, but do not be discouraged! Use the manifestation techniques below to develop your mindset.

Changing the way, you mentally and physically approach your goals will help you achieve them more efficiently. If you are new to manifestation, refer to this article which offers great background information and a few tips. By viewing your biggest desires as achievable, you create a great foundation for consistency in all aspects of your life. More sources on this include these books, this book and this website.

Overall, consistency requires planning, action and a positive mindset. With the resources above you can begin to develop or expand on the consistent behaviors that will help you succeed.

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