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Prioritize Mental Health!

by Francesca Pensotti

When you’re focused on the grind, there’s almost no time for a personal life. You follow the repetitive routine: eat, sleep, and work. Thus, it’s easy to get burnt out when we stop maintaining a stable mental health, especially in a society that prioritizes physical health above all else.

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about mental health with my family, and they laughed. Although I was deeply offended by their lack of awareness, it showed how society had created a false perception of mental health. When someone says “mental health,” it simply means keeping their mind healthy. If our mind suffers, so does our body. So, it’s vital that, as a society, we prioritize mental health as much as our physical health to optimize performance and overall well-being.

You can improve your mental health by implementing various self-care methods into your daily life. Everyone has their idea of self-care; self-care can be as simple as setting boundaries or putting yourself first. When you set boundaries for yourself, you’re protecting yourself from others. When you put yourself first, you’re prioritizing your needs over others. You can’t fully help others until you help yourself, so it’s okay to focus on yourself. Be kind to yourself and take a break!

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