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Quarantine Cooldown

Dee W.

When you are reading this, it is probably some time in February 2021. The pandemic has had the United States in quarantine since May of 2020. During this time a few things have been made evident. One being that most Americans are selfish and entitled and that being in isolation does weird things to you. The first point is something for another time but in this time of isolation you need ways to keep your mind preoccupied.

Funny or not I have been practicing for a quarantine all my life. I’m used to sitting in my room and doing odd things around my room. I have been playing more video games lately. This pandemic has given me more time to play games I either forgot about or haven’t had time to play. I will say I have played more games the past couple of months than the previous few years. If you have never played video games before I would 100% recommend. There are so many different types out there whether it is strategy based, sports, shooters, racing, sci-fi, and etc. Playing games is a great way to relax while lightly stimulating your mind. When I am not playing games, I am honing skills for future jobs. I recently started editing videos to make a little extra cash on the side. With all the extra hours I have been watching tutorial videos to expand my knowledge of video editing. I do not spend all day either, just a couple of hours a day doing small stuff. After a while a little here and a little there can start to build into a lot. As of right now I am not all that proficient but give me another month or two and I will be there. With all that being said I feel it is important for people to find their own hobbies especially during this time. People are starting to go crazy with such limited human interaction. I can almost guarantee you that those people do not have anything else to keep their mind off the quarantine itself. It doesn’t even have to be what I listed because there is so much other stuff like binge watching tv shows, reading, writing, working on cars, and the options are limited.

Don’t let this time pass you by. Don’t let the pandemic come to an end and you have nothing to show for it. These are unprecedented times, and you should be using every second of time you have to expand your knowledge in some way. Stop looking at the wall and find your hobby.

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