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Target Announces They Will Pay for Tuition For Employees by Jordan Howard

A lot of companies are fighting the battle of labor shortages. So for the first time in ages, the market is on the employee's side. Companies are getting creative with incentives for potential employees, for instance, sign-on bonuses, increases in wages, and covering college tuition. Target recently announced that it would be covering college tuition, fees, and textbooks for its employees.

Target is helping more than 340,000 of its employee's complete undergraduate degrees, associate degrees, and certificates. They have partnered with Guild Education in order to give access to more than 250 business-aligned programs and over 40 colleges and universities. They’ve partnered with HBCU’s like Morehouse and Paul Quinn College to Division 1 schools like Oregon State to give employees plenty of resources to find what they’re passionate about and their interests. They also are relieving employees of a portion of their student debt and providing finances for up to $10,000 for tuition for master's degrees. Hopefully, this is a step in the right direction for businesses to realize how valuable the employees are and this trend will continue.

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