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Turning a Hobby into a Career

By Srabon Nath

Did you know that many hobbies can earn you money? In fact, getting good at your

hobby and doing it for many years can make you experienced and skilled enough to use it as a

form of income. Obviously, this isn’t always the case and usually only happens when you are

dedicated enough to become the best at whatever your interests are.

Some examples of forms of media that can be made into a career include writing, photography, art (graphic design), editing, etc. Many people are passionate about writing and

reading. Doing it for a long time can get you good enough to become a freelance writer. Different

organizations can hire you to help them with different tasks. However, it is to be noted that even

though becoming exceptional enough will earn you jobs here and there, getting higher-paying jobs

will require you to get degrees and go to institutions of higher learning. Many people also

become invested in the art of photography and creating high-quality images. People such as this

bring their cameras wherever they go, especially when they travel. Knowing how to operate a

camera is one thing, but developing the skill of producing a picture with adequate lighting, the

right angle, and more takes years.

Having more technical hobbies can also lead to more career opportunities. For example, a

big technical hobby that many teenagers have nowadays is knowing how to program. With

enough learning and projects, one can even go into the computer science field without any

degrees or going to a notable college. Other people like working with the hardware of computers

and building them rather than ordering them. This can give them experience and inspiration for

them to pursue a career in IT and repairing devices. However, it is to be remembered that while

people might do these hobbies in their spare time, it is not enough to get a job. Just like the

media, one still needs degrees and formal education for a professional job.

Sports are another great hobby that people can turn into a career. This however isn’t that

easy and requires a lot of practice, talent, and also luck. Becoming good enough at a sport to

become a professional athlete is a difficult feat and many times even talented and hard-working

athletes don’t make it.

There are many other miscellaneous hobbies that can bring some money to your pocket

and eventually become a life-long career. It is very beneficial to your mental health when you are

able to make your hobby into your career because then your job is something you enjoy doing.

However, it should be stressed that no matter how long you have been doing your hobby, for it to

become your career, you need to pursue that hobby in college and get a degree. Your hobby

should be more of an inspiration than something you solely depend on.

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