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3 Must Have Apps to Increase Productivity

By Mahlet W.

If you’ve handled your business, scrolled through social media, fed the dog and are now looking for ways to boost your productivity, welcome!

There are plenty of apps accessible to self-starters for a variety of tasks, including planning social media posts, formatting emails and checking grammar. Although these are incredible and essential to our success, many of us know that doing work and staying on task has a lot to do with our time. If you have been trying to find better ways to help organize and manage your time, these applications are sure to help!

To better understand this blog post, please note that we have defined productivity as “getting more out than you have put in.” Essentially, the following applications allow the user to better manage their time and accomplish more tasks each day. Please also note that these applications have been organized alphabetically and not been numbered according to the writer’s preference or their usefulness.

1. Calendar

The program Calendar is a web application made to manage meetings and help users stay on schedule. In addition to helping the user learn better ways to organize their schedule, this app learns with you! Calendar is led by artificial intelligence, meaning it will automatically learn what tasks you prioritize and develop

ways for you to do them, more efficiently. If that wasn’t great on its own, makers of this program have just made it accessible on the app store, allowing you to view your day on your phone screen with ease.

2. HubSpot CRM

If you are constantly formulating emails, developing newsletters and communicating with others through the phone, HubSpot is one of the best apps to have! With this tool you can organize all of your projects, send out mass messages and focus on projects with the most potential. For professionals in marketing, HubSpot has tons of email templates to choose from to fit your brand or intended message. The best part (besides its existence) every feature is 100% free!

3. Trello

When there are multiple items that need your attention, it can be daunting to begin one task without feeling anxiety about not starting the other. Trello gets rid of these feelings by helping the user organize their projects into small tasks. For example, a user who has to submit a presentation and a blog post on the same day can split up tasks into what the app calls cards. These cards may then be transferred to a column such as “writing” to indicate which process has been completed. This application features great visuals making it ideal for visual learners.

These applications can boost the user’s productivity by allowing them to manage their time, organize projects and reach correspondents with less effort. For more applications like these, refer to Joe Martin’s post titled “The 11 Best Productivity Apps for 2020.”

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